Migrant Help UK is dedicated to  helping victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. We are the only charity supporting adult victims of modern slavery and human trafficking across the UK.


We provide support and assistance to victims who have been rescued by the police and other authorities. We have specialist teams across the UK, committed to ensuring that survivors are provided with a safe and supportive environment and a place of recovery as they process their past, rebuild their confidence, and develop skills to regain control of their lives. In any one week, we help up to 100 people across the UK to recover from the traumatic experience of being trafficked or enslaved.

We focus on achievable outcomes that assist our clients to live independent lives within the UK. We organise repatriation to their home countries if that is what they want. And we work in close collaboration with other voluntary, private and statutory partners to best help survivors of slavery recover their dignity and rebuild their lives.



Migrant Help UK provides practical care and support directly to survivors of modern day slavery across the UK including:

  • » Safe, secure accommodation and material assistance (including clothing, meals and other basic necessities)

» Emergency medical treatment and access to other healthcare (including dentists and opticians).

» Access to substance misuse support, psychological support and mental health services, legal aid, asylum help and advice, English lessons, art therapy, sports initiatives and assistance services

» Assistance in family reunification/mediation or simple contact with family and friends

» Assistance in seeking employment and permanent accommodation if granted the right to live in the UK.


‘Everyone’s case is different, and everyone reacts in different ways to what they’ve been through. The most  important first step is just to listen. That’s how you start to build trust.’

James Tullett, Head of Human Trafficking & Victims of Slavery Support, Migrant Help UK


Modern day slavery is the fight of our generation. Will you join us in that fight?

To find out more about Migrant Help UK and our work with vulnerable migrants, visit our main site.

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